Preventive and therapeutic physical training

Numerous studies conducted on a large number of epidemiological, experimental and clinical data have provided unequivocal and definitive evidence on the capacity of physical activity to reduce morbidity and mortality linked to cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and oncological diseases and to improve physical performance and the quality of life of those who practice it. Furthermore, physical activity appears to significantly reduce the risk of developing depression. However, it is important to emphasize that, so that if we have health benefits, the physical activity practiced must be adequate, appropriate and correct. It is therefore worth emphasizing that the prescription of physical exercise in healthy subjects and even more so in those suffering from pathologies is a delicate act and not without risks and has the same responsibilities as the prescription of a surgical procedure, of a diet or a drug treatment. During the exercise of my professional activity as General Practitioner in agreement with the National Health Service, every day for years assisted patients with pathologies come to my attention, for which the international scientific literature underlines the benefits that could derive from a regular , adequate and correct practice of physical activity and to help them I decided that I had to do more. This is why, day after day, I have developed the choice to train and qualify myself in order to be able to professionally deal with nutrition and physical training for preventive and therapeutic purposes.


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