What kind of physical activity after 65 years?

To improve cardiorespiratory and muscular health and thus reduce the risk of chronic diseases, as well as depression and cognitive decline, it would be appropriate for women and men over 65 to carry out at least 150 minutes a week of aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity every week or an equivalent combination of activity with moderate and vigorous intensity. Go to be visited from your General Practitioner  before you start this kind of physical activity to be sure you can afford it.

To this, I recommend combining exercises to strengthen the major muscle groups 2 or more times a week, as well as activities to improve balance and prevent falls 3 or more times a week for those with reduced mobility.

Those who could not reach the recommended levels due to their health conditions should adopt an active lifestyle and perform low intensity activities, within the limits of their abilities and conditions, because it is good not to forget it, even through the normal occupations of daily life (purchases, cleaning and preparation of meals) an adequate level of activity can be maintained.

The main recommendation I feel I can make is to minimize periods of inactivity, such as watching television or sleeping in the armchair, as they could be a risk factor in themselves, regardless of how much activity you generally practice.

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