wellness and training for women and men of all the ages

AgelessWellnessTrainingStudio® borns to offer professional consultancy  to those who desire to learn the way to keep and improve their health.

Ageless Wellness Training Studio® borns to offer consultancy to those who desire to learn how to improve their health by training and eating healthy,  in a customized way, making slower, this way, the process of getting older.

AWTS helps you to act, daily and with a minimum effort (of time and money),  teaching you all those strategies that will allow you to keep for a long time, make stronger and/or   restore your healt, reaching the best fitness and mental wellness that is possible for you. 

AgelessWellnessTrainingStudio® elaborate for women and men off all the ages those solutions that are easier and suitable to their personal exigensies, so that everyone could live a healthy life, which is pleasant while is lived, and that allows them to reach the best fitness at the elderly age, to preserve as long as possible, autonomy and indipendence. 


Ageless: to never look older

because my advise is addressed to  women and men  regardless of their age


Wellness, and well-being:


because my desire is taking  globally care of people: rather than treating the symptom, treating the person.

I care of your wellness, and I suggest you the best strategies to reach and keep it. 


Training: the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular activity

because I desire to assist you while you learn how to performe the best exercises to keep your body  agile and strong.


Studio: just one place to receive, at the same time, adivese about general practice, wellness, preventive and therapeutic training fisico, nutrition and food education.

Come to know who can take globally care of your wellness!

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