General Practice

As a General Practitioner (GP) I was trained to take care of my patients globally and over a long period of time, taking care of the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic medical diseases that do not need hospitalization.

I like to explain what my job consists in by comparing the general practitioner to a conductor:

as well as the conductor coordinates a group of musicians to performe a composition, the General Practitioner coordinates the work of medical specialists in the interest of the overall care of their patients.

To do this, the General Practitioner must have solid knowledge of semeiotics, pathophysiology and pharmacology, in order to be able to deal with the conditions of the patient being treated and to approach their patients globally in a long term.

Took the history and performed an objective medical examination, assessing the patient's state of health (considering both physical and psychological aspects), analyzed both symptoms and signs in all of organs, and therefore assessed for any need in-depth studies (such as laboratory tests or instrumental exams), in order to develop a first diagnosis, the general practitioner can prescribe a dietary therapy, physical, and  only in the last resort pharmacological, or, if it is the case, to address them to a specialist.

One of the aspects I so much love of the General Practitice is the the so-called “medicine initiative”, which consists in the prevention of the onset of acute and chronic pathologies through research, recognition and correction or elimination of the factors of risk and modification of the incorrect lifestyles.

This is the target I want to reach with AgelessWellnessTrainingStudio®!

I work as General Practitioner for the SSN, Italian Health Service.
I riceive by appointment in the follow days and time:

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