about me

Dr. Med. Paola Micale

I am a General Practitioner. I prescribe customized preventive and therapeutic physical training programs. 

I graduated in Medicine and Surgery, then I became a General Practitioner and also an Angiologist.

Then my professional education  enriched along the years by studing the subjects of my personal interests, as a physician, woman and mother. So I started to study about natural nutrition from weaning to adolescence and food intolerances and related diseases. Then I further enriched my knowledge to be able to deal with nutritional therapy of  metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and nutrition as a support to  oncology therapies and related treatments. Training regularly in different kind of sports, I decided to enrich my competences by studing sports nutrition and supplementation, and by studing to become a personal trainer, so that I am able to prescribe physical activity to my patients, with the same care and competence I prescribe pharmacological therapies.

At the same time I kept cultivating my curiosity and interest for natural and complementary medicines.  

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